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Anna Trebunskaya for Total Gym
Anna Trebunskaya
Professional Dancer

"For the kind of job we do as dancers, it is really important to stay in shape. The leg exercises that you can do on this particular equipment are amazing because, when you do it, you really feel it in your thighs, in your bum, in your hamstrings, in your calves, you really get a whole leg workout - which is great!" Watch Anna

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Kellen Winslow Jr for Total Gym
Kellen Winslow Jr
Professional Football Player

"My Dad (former professional football player) started me out on the Total Gym since I was 13 years old. I use it because it works.

A lot of my other team mates lift weights - I don't lift a lot of weights, especially for my upper body. I use the Total Gym to keep my flexibility and to still stay strong. It's really my secret weapon. It is really efficient. It works. Total Gym works." Watch Kellen

Barb Lindquist for Total Gym
Barb Lindquist
#1 Female tri-athlete in the world, Winner of 33 pro-triathlon events

"I was a pro tri-athlete for 10 years and my number one goal was to be the best in the world and make the US Olympic team. I reached both of these goals and I was able to use the Total Gym to help me reach those goals.

As a mother, I want to be the best mother I can and I realized to be the best I have to be a fit mother. Since having twins, as all women know, I've put on weight that doesn't go away once you give birth. The results I've seen from using the Total Gym have been amazing! I've lost the 25 pounds I needed to lose after the babies were born. I feel fit and toned!

The same Total Gym I used as a pro tri-athlete, I'm now using as a mother, but I'm not training to be a pro athlete anymore. I'm training for life to be the best mother I can. With Total Gym I feel strong enough to do it!" Watch Barb!

Kurt Thomas for Total Gym
Kurt Thomas
Gold Medal Winner - Gymnastics

"One of the skills we do in gymnastics is the iron cross to develop upper body strength. The great thing about Total Gym is that I can do the same positioning of the iron cross on the Total Gym... it's the exact same feeling.

The Total Gym iron cross exercise is just one exercise that allows you to work your biceps, triceps, and chest without all that pressure on your joints. That's so important! It's nice and smooth, plus you can do a lot with just one exercise working to several different movements. One of the great things about Total Gym is that I feel like a gymnast again and look like one, too!"